Baby Door Bouncers - Are They Useful For Baby Development?

Published: 05th November 2009
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When it comes to buying toys and playthings for little ones there is a bewildering choice. Many are strictly just for fun while a great many are designed and produced after huge research and expense. These sort of toys fall into the educational variety. Their purpose is of course not only to be fun to play with to offer some kind of learning experience for your child. They come in all shapes and sizes but have the one thing in common that they help in your baby's development.

One such plaything that has been around for many years and is as popular today as ever is the baby door bouncer. The purpose of the bouncer is for your little one to be placed in the harness that is hung from a door frame via a secure clamp. This allows a baby to be suspended in a 'bungee' like way with feet touching the ground.

The spring action of the bouncer lets your tot jump and bounce safely without the risk of falling down or indeed out of the harness. Baby can jump and leap around having fun and seeing the world in an upright way that is denied them until they are old enough to actually stand upright and walk.

This kind of exercise and stimulation is important to baby as it allows the child to see and learn of the world around them and at the same time the physical activity helps build and strengthen legs ready for the walking stage. Baby door bouncers are suitable for any baby from around three months old provided they can hold their head upright unaided.

Your child will be delighted bouncing around and you will discover that playing music and using the bouncer for around twenty minutes a day will greatly benefit your child's development and provide huge enjoyment. This is all useful coordination training too. Give your child a fun way to exercise and play at the same time with a baby door bouncer.

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